R driver doing almost 100mph was in a rush to get to work after dropping someone off at airport

Ballymena Court.

An R driver caught doing more than twice the speed he was restricted to said he had dropped somebody off at an airport and needed go get home for work.

Ryan Gareth George (21), of Cappagh Avenue in Portstewart, was detected doing 98mph – 53mph over his 45mph restriction – at the Frosses Road at Cloughmills on January 3 this year.

District Judge Nigel Broderick, speaking at Ballymena Magistrates Court on February 28, said it was a very high speed.

He said it would have been “cold comfort” if the defendant had hit someone at that speed and then explained he was in a rush to go to work.

George, a part-time car wash attendant, said the clutch had gone on his own vehicle and he was using someone else’s vehicle and had not moved over his ‘R’ plates.

Judge Broderick said his normal policy was to disqualify people who drive around 100mph.

He noted a long ban could have implications for the defendant’s work and disqualified him for two weeks along with a £175 fine.


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