Ballymena – follow the news of what is happening in the city

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Ballymena is a modern town in Northern Ireland, with most of its population living in the east. It has the best of both worlds – a smallish town centre and attractive countryside. The city is one of the fastest growing areas in Northern Ireland, catering for those that want to find out what’s going on in town: shops, restaurants, pubs and everything else you would expect from a busy Irish city.

To get news updates about Ballymena and Northern Ireland we use an app called ‘This News’ – it just tells us about what is happening around us. At first sight it looks like any other app with headlines such as ‘Belfast Zoo’, ‘Rory McIver Rides Again’ or ‘New baby born at home’.

“The Belfast Telegraph has carried out a survey in partnership with the Northern Ireland Live and we’ve heard from more than 1,200 readers. Read on for our latest news round-up.”

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“As a Northern Ireland city, Ballymena is home to a variety of interesting things. It has an interesting history and its traditions are great. “

Ballymena – a town in Northern Ireland is booming with new projects, businesses and people. This is not just happening because the area is rich in natural resources. It’s also happening due to the fact that it has got one of the best transport links in the country.

Ballymena is a town in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. The town is located between the rivers Blackwater (Aley) and Bann; at the bend of the rivers these waterways form the Appin Reservoir, which has an area of about 1,500 acres (6.7 km²) and provides drinking water to Antrim County Council. It has a population of 23,000 people.

Ballymena is a town in Northern Ireland. It is located in the county of County Antrim. The town has a population of approximately 35,000 people.

The city of Ballymena was named after an Irish king named Ballymena who lived in the area around the year 1710 – 1750 known as “The Golden Age” of Ireland when he ruled over areas such as County Armagh and County Roscommon which stretched from Derry to Dungiven. He was also known for having helped his people through their time of need by building the famous “Ballymena railway station” which was used to transport prisoners from the nearby Castlecary prison buildings to work in factories throughout Northern Ireland providing them food, clothing and shelter while they were working.