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The re-branding of Ballymena with “Ballymena” has changed the image that outsiders have of the town, and it continues to be marketed as a place where people go for good food and drink.

Let’s stay up to date with the events in Ballymena by getting the latest news and information.

Ballymena is a town and civil parish in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is situated on the north coast of County Antrim, in the region of County Down. The town was formerly known as “Townhill” (an old name for Ballymena .)

The town has a market every Saturday morning and two or three other markets every week on a Saturday. Local festivals are held at the end of each month including Lough MacGillycuddy and Mullaghareg festivals, which are popular with both locals and tourists alike.

The local papers report most days, although they tend to focus on local news or sports stories rather than tourism information. The main sporting venue is Ballymena Stadium which hosts soccer matches as well as rugby union games.

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We are staying up to date with events in the town of Ballymena and we also bring you a selection of photos and videos from different venues.

Ballymena – one of the main towns in Northern Ireland, is situated on the north coast of Antrim. It is situated 10 miles away from Belfast and approximately 70 miles from Dublin.

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Ballymena is a historical town of Northern Ireland. It has a rich heritage, and plays a pivotal role in the history of the province.

The town was founded by King William the Conqueror in 1093 and it was granted city status by King Henry III in 1239. The local government was created later from 1665 onwards and it became an urban district after 1887. Ballymena is also home to one of Northern Ireland’s most famous pubs – The Red Lion Hotel which claims to be the oldest pub in Britain still open for business.