Allister accuses Republicans of ‘politicising’ coronavirus crisis

Jim Allister

NORTH Antrim Traditional Unionist Voice MLA and the leader of the party Jim Allister says: “The politicisation of the coronavirus crisis by republicanism is shameful. The resulting dysfunction in government serves no one.”

He added: “Medical expertise, not political agendas needs to set our course.

“Certainty for business is vital. Measures in lock step with Westminster, rather than divergence, are required.

“Fulsome rates relief in GB, but only a 3 month delay in Northern Ireland is not good enough. Siphoning rates relief allocation into other uses is not acceptable.

“Likewise the latest £620m package must go directly where it is needed to keep businesses afloat.

“On top of that the Executive needs to urgently identify non-priority resource spend across departments so as to maximise spending on health and the economy.

“Any thought of now spending millions on Ulster Scots and Irish language nonsense needs to go. It’s jobs, not dross, that matter.

“These are serious times in which government needs to step up to the plate.”

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