As Eastenders celebrates its 35th anniversary this week the curious story of how the PE kit of a Ballymena school ended up on the top soap is recalled

The PE kit on Eastenders.

EASTENDERS is marking its 35th anniversary this week which has had people remembering the curious story of how a sports kit from St Patrick’s College in Ballymena once made an appearance on the top soap show.


The jersey was worn by Nancy Carter – daughter of Danny Dyer’s character Mick – in the Queen Vic back in February 2014.

An Eastenders spokesperson said at the time: “The top which Nancy Carter wore on Friday night’s episode is a school PE kit which was purchased from a vintage shop.

“As all EastEnders viewers will know, the character of Nancy Carter is a tomboy and wears a huge range of sports wear which she chooses for the way it looks not because she has any allegiance to any sport or club.”


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