‘Ballycastle’ will literally be on the lips of tens of thousands of shoppers

The new drink

A new product means the name of a north Antrim town will literally be on the lips of tens of thousands of shoppers.

That’s because supermarket chain Aldi have brought out ‘Ballycastle Strawberries & Cream Liqueur’.

This summer treat combines the mouth-watering, juicy taste of strawberries with the luxury, velvety taste of Irish cream.

The normal ‘Ballycastle’ Irish Cream on sale at Aldi


Aldi has just announced it will be launching 11 new spirits this bank holiday to celebrate its first ever spirits festival, and it includes everything from gin and rum to cream liqueurs and canned cocktails.

The spirits launch on August 22, and will be available to buy in Aldi stores and online (apart from the tequila and mezcal offerings, which can only be purchased online).

Aldi does not have any stores in Northern Ireland.

The normal ‘Ballycastle’ Irish Cream has been on sale with Aldi for several years and continues to be a big favourite with shoppers.

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  • This tastes terrible, it’s like the strawberry flavoured cough medicine the NHS used to prescribe when I was a child, 50 years ago, ugh!