Ballymena Court hears over-the-limit man sleeping in Mercedes claimed he forgot keys and couldn’t get into house

Ballymena Court

A MAN had excess alcohol in his breath when police saw him sleeping in a Mercedes car parked up at the side of a road with the lights on at 5.30am on March 14 this year, Ballymena Magistrates Court was told.

John Young (34) admitted being in charge of a vehicle whilst having excess alcohol.

A prosecutor said when police approached the vehicle at Linn Road in Larne the defendant appeared to be sleeping in the driver’s seat and the keys were in the ignition.

The defendant was wearing his seat belt at the time.

Police asked him to open the driver’s door and he was “confused”; had glazed eyes and there was a smell of intoxicating liquor.

An evidential breath test had a reading of 94 – the legal limit is 35.

The court heard the defendant already had three points on his licence.

A defence lawyer asked for a short disqualification rather than ten penalty points which would have taken him past 12 points and put him off the road for six months.

He said on the night in question the defendant had driven to a friend’s house and after having some drink he left the car there and walked home but he forgot his key and couldn’t get into his house.

The defendant then walked back to sleep in the car, it was claimed.

The lawyer said there was no suggestion the vehicle had been moved.

“He appeared to have been somewhat sleepy whenever the police approached him”.

The court heard the defendant is a car valeter.

The defendant, of Heatherton Rise, Larne, was banned from driving for a month and fined £200.

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