Ballymena Court hears sex offender who failed to notify police of change of address claimed his ‘mind was not working correctly’

A SEX offender who failed to notify police of a change of address within three days claimed his “mind was not working correctly at the time” due to financial worries.

The comment was made by Muhammad Roman through an interpreter at Ballymena Magistrates Court.

The defendant (34), with an address listed as Fountain Street in Antrim, was in court for sentencing for failing to make the notification last December.

A prosecutor told the court the defendant was a registered sex offender who was convicted of a sexual assault and possession of two indecent images.

The defendant was subject to notification requirements until September 2021, one of which was to notify police of a change of address within three days.

The prosecutor said the defendant moved from Ballymena to Antrim without notifying police and during interview that was fully admitted.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said in a pre-sentence report the account given was that while the defendant accepted he did not notify police of his new address he had gone to an address that had previously been approved.

A defence lawyer said was correct.

The lawyer said the defendant works and sends money back to Pakistan to assist his mother’s medical bills.

The judge fined the defendant £150 and said he must understand that the requirements to notify police of any change of address are “important”

Through the interpreter the defendant said he accepted the “mistake” and that his “mind was not working correctly” at the time because of financial pressures and he wished to apologise.

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