Ballymena Court: Man is charged with possessing ‘suspected handgun in suspicious circumstances’

A MAN with a Ballymena address is charged with possessing a firearm, a ‘suspected handgun in suspicious circumstances’.

Jonathan Enas Thompson (31), of Nursery Close, faces allegations in relation to, according to the charge sheet, July 25 this year.

A second charge accuses him of carrying a suspected firearm in a public place – Broughshane Road in Ballymena.

The third charge is that he ‘made use of a firearm or imitation firearm with intent to resist or prevent the lawful arrest or detention of yourself or any other person’.

A defence lawyer said there would be “mixed pleas” in the case and said the instructions from the defendant were that the alleged firearm was “never removed or brandished” and in the circumstances they would require a contested hearing.

He said the defendant would accept a ‘possession’ charge.

A prosecutor said a decision had yet to be taken in relation to the charges and the case was adjourned to October while the PPS await a full file in the matter.

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