Ballymena Court: Man who spat in eye of police officer is given suspended jail term

Antrim PSNI Station. Picture - Google.

A MAN who spat in the eye of a police officer whilst in custody at Antrim Police Station has been given a five months jail term, suspended for a year.

Michael Harte (30), had been in Antrim Station on January 9 this year.

A prosecutor said that whilst being returned to a cell the defendant spat at an officer, hitting him in the eye and the officer “required intervention” from a medical officer to irrigate his eye.

A defence lawyer told Ballymena Magistrates Court the defendant said he was disgusted with his own behaviour.

At the time he hadn’t received his medication and had “heightened anxiety in custody”.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said it was a “disgusting offence, spitting in a police officer’s eye” and sentenced the defendant, with an an address listed as Glenville Park in Newtownabbey, to five months in jail, suspended for one year.

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