Ballymena man damaged wing mirrors and wipers then kicked a police officer on the head

A MAN damaged vehicles and then kicked a police officer on the head when officers called to his home.

Connor McIlhagga (25), with an address listed as Johnston Close in Ballymena, was at the town’s Magistrates Court for sentencing on charges of damaging wing mirrors and wipers on vehicles belonging to two women causing £320 worth of damage; being disorderly at Carnwood in Ballymena; and assaulting two police officers.

The charges relate to April 26 this year.

A prosecutor said police received a report around midnight from a woman that there were men outside her door “shouting and banging”. Damage was caused to a vehicle.

Police then spoke to McIlhagga and whilst speaking to him at the door of his home he “became hostile and aggressive and kicked one officer on the head and attempted to kick another officer on the head but hit him on the arm. The court heard the officers were uninjured.

The defendant was shouting and swearing in the street.

A defence solicitor said the defendant had worked for a recycling firm prior to lockdown but gave that work up to look after a person with a disability.

The lawyer said it was a “lack of funds” which led to the Carnwood incident as the defendant was “owed money” and whilst in the area for his sister’s birthday he had too much drink taken.

The solicitor said McIlhagga had approached premises about the money he was owed and after receiving a “sharp response” in a”moment of badness” kicked out at cars which he regrets and he wished to apologise.

The lawyer added: “He was in a bad mood when police arrived”.

Distict Judge Nigel Broderick said: “This was a nasty incident, damaging vehicles in the street and then fighting with police”.

The defendant was ordered to do Probation for a year along with 60 hours of Community Service and has to pay £320 compensation for damage caused.

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