Ballymena newsagent’s ‘Twirls’ continue to put tv star Eamonn Holmes in a spin!

TV celebrity Eamonn Holmes continues to be sweet on chocolate and has been in touch with a Ballymena newsagent asking him to ‘hold a couple’ of Orange flavoured ‘Twirl’ bars.

Eamonn Holmes reacted on social media after spotting Eugene Diamond’s post.


The TV star is well-known for his use of Twitter and through the social media site he has again made contact with Ballymena newsagent Eugene Diamond.

Eugene is also a frequent Twitter user with his updates on his latest products proving popular.

Eugene Diamond


With the ‘Twirl’ bars selling fast Eamonn asked Eugene to keep him some.

Eugene told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “I was delighted Eamonn got in touch on Twitter. I will keep him a few bars in case he drops in”.

Eamonn Holmes is currently sitting in for Stephen Nolan and is believed to be broadcasting from Belfast this week so it is possible he may journey up the A26 on his chocolate seeking mission.

Last year Eamonn had also spoken with Eugene on Twitter about the orange-flavoured ‘Twirls’.

Eamonn often tells of his love for north Antrim and regularly mentions childhood holidays spent in the region.

He has made several TV shows featuring the area.

Eamonn Holmes



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