Ballymena shop continues to catch the eye of celebrity Eamonn Holmes

TV star Eamonn Holmes got in touch.

A BALLYMENA shop continues to catch the eye of celebrity Eamonn Holmes.

Eamonn Holmes


The TV star is well-known for his use of  Twitter and through the social media site he has again made contact with Ballymena newsagent Eugene Diamond.

Eugene is also a frequent Twitter user with his updates on newspaper headlines, random happenings around the town and pictures of the products he sells.

Eugene Diamond


Eamonn Holmes often speaks of his love for north Antrim and regularly mentions childhood holidays spent in the region.

He has made several TV shows featuring the area.

And it seems Eamonn also keeps an eye on another ‘local landmark’ – Diamond’s shop!

Last year Eamonn  joined the hunt for the much-sought limited edition orange flavoured Cadbury’s ‘Twirl’ bar by contacting Eugene on Twitter asking him to keep him a box.

The tweet spotted by Eamonn Holmes.


And today more of Eugene’s products caught the eye of the television personality.

Eugene had posted pictures of an array of ice creams and sweets in his shop which people could get their hands on for a Saturday ‘move night’ at home … and it did not go unnoticed by Mr Holmes.

Below the pictures up popped a comment from Eamonn who asked: ‘Eugene , are u on Deliveroo?’.

Eugene responded: ‘If only I was Eamonn….’

It was a brief exchange in twittersphere but it shows the power of the medium as it is not every small business which gets such celebrity endorsement.



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