Barrier padlocks cut ‘a number of times’ amid reports of anti-social driving at Newferry

VANDALS cut padlocks from barriers at Newferry “a number of times” amid reports of anti-social driving.

The barrier to the carpark was also “cut in two” according to a report prepared for Mid & East Antrim councillors.

The report said incidents happened in December but after being reported to police from “from January there appears to have been no further incidents”.

A number of months ago incidents at Newferry generated the following post on the PSNI Facebook page which led to a huge debate online.

The PSNI Ballymena Facebook page had said: ‘Folks we are getting quite a few reports of boy racers causing a nuisance in the Newferry area by making a lot of noise and doing donuts, disturbing the local residents.

‘I’m sure that nothing quite beats cruising a car park in your lowered, lime green 2003 Golf with this week’s girlfriend in the passenger seat while spinning your car in circles until you don’t know whether you are Arthur or Martha.

‘I’m sure you all look very cool and your parents are very proud.

‘But it is annoying a lot of people and if we catch you at it there will be a ticket with your name on it. And you’d better hope your car is roadworthy or else it’ll be coming with us.

‘Consider this your five minute warning,’ the message went.

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