Boy (14) in ‘stolen’ car brought to a halt by police stinger device

Antrim PSNI Facebook page posted this image of a 'stinger' beside a motorbike.

POLICE say a 14-year-old boy was inside a car suspected of being stolen in the Ballymena area which was halted by a ‘stinger’ device.

The PSNI Antrim Facebook page said on Saturday morning: “Late last night we had a report of a car being stolen in the Ballymena area.

“It would seem a couple of young chaps, one of whom was only 14 years of age (yes fourteen) thought it would be better to literally “take” a car as opposed to public transport to get back to Belfast.

“You can imagine the owner wasn’t best pleased…

“What I’m sure they didn’t expect was the swift response of Local Policing Team and Neighbourhood officers from Antrim.

“The car was picked up travelling at high speed through the district and you guessed it, they didn’t fancy stopping for the blue lights.

“Out came the stinger and pop went the tyres. The vehicle was brought to a stop and the two aforementioned young lads were in cuffs and are now having a snooze in custody before facing some serious questions in the morning.

“Great teamwork shown on this occasion and I should add this was all within 20 minutes of being reported.

“Finally, the important bit and a word of advice. Please, please don’t leave your car running, not even for a second. You never know who’s lurking and the next second it’s gone.”

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