Call for Council to hold ‘Event of Appreciation’ for frontline workers for the key role they played during pandemic

A COUNCIL is to be asked to hold an ‘Event of Appreciation’ to congratulate frontline workers for their roles during the pandemic.


Alderman Danny Kinahan


Ulster Unionist councillor Danny Kinahan has tabled a Notice of Motion for next Monday’s meeting of Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council.

Councillor Leah Smyth


Seconded by his party colleague, Councillor Leah Smyth, the motion says: ‘This Council congratulates all those frontline workers who have worked tirelessly throughout this COVID-19 pandemic on all our behalf‘s, often at great risk to themselves, and calls on the Council to organise an ‘Event of Appreciation’ to be held at some suitable future date so that we can show
our gratitude and publicly thank them for all they have done.”

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