‘Celebrity’ People’s Park goat has been re-united with its owner

'Ballymena Daily' took this picture of the goat in a makeshift compound at the People's Park last week.

A goat which created headlines after turning up at The People’s Park in Ballymena is back with its owner, ‘Ballymena Daily’ can reveal.

The goat, which was named ‘Gerbert’ by some, became a major talking point when he appeared at the park in Ballymena last weekend.

The goat which has been milking attention after ending up in Ballymena’s People’s Park. Video: Ballymena Daily. https://ballymenadaily.com/local-news/youve-goat-to-be-kidding-police-called-in-after-farm-animal-spotted-in-the-peoples-park/

Posted by Ballymena Daily on Saturday, July 27, 2019

Police even put out an appeal for the goat’s owner to collect it from the park.

‘Gerbert’ – who by that stage was somewhat of a local celebrity – was then put in a makeshift enclosure in the park.

At the start of the week Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, who own the park, said they were working with a vet to ensure the goat’s well-being.

Then, the ‘ParkLife Ballymena’ Facebook page reported: ‘The goat is gone! Just as an enclosure was about to be built for our friend Gerbert, he was taken.

‘Witnesses apparently saw 2 men arrive with a rope and lead it away in the Sentry Hill direction, where to after that is a mystery. We can only pray that our Gerbert is ok and their intentions are good’.

A council spokesperson has now told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “We can confirm the goat has been reunited with its owner.”

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