Community banner thanking coronavirus pandemic front line workers has been vandalised in Ballymena

This banner was damaged.

A COMMUNITY banner put up to say ‘thank you to all essential and front line workers’ during the coronavirus pandemic has been slashed in an act of vandalism in Ballymena.

The banner was slashed.


Cuts in the shape of an ‘X’ were made on the banner.

The cut was made over the logo of the ‘Ballykeel 1 Moving Forward Community Group’ on the banner.

A spokesperson for the group contacted ‘Ballymena Daily’ about the incident.

The spokesperson said on social media: “It saddens me to have to write a post like this. The group have been contacted by several residents of the Ballykeel area to express their disgust and sadness of the vandalism of the banner erected to thank essential workers during this pandemic.

“The person who carried out this terrible act have not only caused hurt to the group but to all people who reside in this area”.

The vandalism was instantly condemned on social media.

One person said: ‘Some sad & pathetic people around. You wonder what goes through their heads.’

Another person said: ‘Makes my blood boil’.

Another comment was: ‘Sad people about’.


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