Coronavirus: ‘Drive-through’ testing centre operating at Antrim Area Hospital

Antrim Area Hospital.

A “drive-through” coronavirus testing centre has opened at Antrim Area Hospital.

The facility allows patients referred by a GP to be tested while remaining in their vehicle.

The first case of coronavirus in Northern Ireland was diagnosed on Thursday and officials have said everyone in close contact with her had been notified.

The Public Health Agency (PHA) said 93 coronavirus tests have been done in Northern Ireland and 92 were negative.

Antrim Hospital is carrying out tests on patients who are referred by a GP, who must agree a test is required based on travel history and symptoms, the Irish News reports.

On arrival at the hospital staff wearing protective equipment will approach their vehicle and collect necessary swabs through an open window.

A spokesperson for the Northern Health Trust said: “The individual is provided with information advising them of the need to self-isolate and who to contact for further advice if their symptoms worsen and they become unwell.

“This approach safeguards the hospital environment and vulnerable patients from potential exposure to Covid-19 [coronavirus].”

Similar facilities are operating in other places including England.

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  • This is a hoax… if you have eyes to see you’ll see it … steeple are too stupid though. . Sad that people believe the mainstream news … there’s an agenda by the powers that should not be to keep us in fear .. it’s by design … research coronavirus hoax and press programming the masses