Coronavirus: Police appeal to ‘boy racers’ to stop ‘donuts and racing’

The incidents happened in this area. Picture: Google Maps

POLICE are appealing for motorists to act responsibility saying Health Service resources need to concentrate on coronavirus rather than being diverted to deal with possible road traffic injuries as a result of ‘donuts and racing’.

The comments were made on the Antrim PSNI Facebook page following incidents at the Ballyutoag Road/Seven Mile Straight junction on the main road from Belfast International Airport to Belfast.

The post, on Tuesday, said: ‘We are living in unusual times. I have faith that society will pull together over the coming days, weeks and months.

‘There are still people however who embody the word imbecile. We received numerous calls last night around 2130-2230 regarding vehicles doing donuts and racing on the Ballyutoag Road/Seven Mile Straight junction.

‘Registrations provided to Police indicate this was males aged late teens to late 20’s (what a surprise).

‘At a time when our NHS is under immense pressure, the last thing it needs is road traffic collision injuries to deal with. Please act responsibly.’

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