Could coronavirus local lockdown measures be imposed in Mid & East Antrim area?

Local “measures” may have to be considered in areas with high numbers of coronavirus cases, NI’s chief scientific adviser has said.

Prof Ian Young said the 288 cases of Covid-19 recorded by the Department of Health in the past week is of “considerable concern”.

He said there are high numbers of cases in the Antrim and Newtownabbey and Mid and East Antrim council areas.

But he added there is also indication of widespread community transmission.

“We’re getting close to the point, certainly in those areas with the high numbers of cases, that we may have to consider whether any additional local measures are required,” Prof Ian Young told BBC’s Good Morning Ulster programme.

“I don’t think we’re at the point where we’d be considering measures across the whole of Northern Ireland because there are still many parts of Northern Ireland where, as a result of public behaviours, the level of virus remains at a low level.”

Prof Young added that the rise in recent cases “represents a tenfold increase, or more, of the virus compared to what we were seeing around the end of June”.

While he said he recognises the economic benefit of people returning to work, his advice is for people to continue to work from home where possible.

“We’re undoubtedly seeing Covid fatigue and that leads into complacency,” said Prof Young.

“I can understand it to an extent but we have to keep working hard consistently with the basic guidelines and make them embedded in people’s lives,” the BBC reported him as saying.


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