Council agrees to pay £8,000 to host event but some councillors wonder if it is ‘value for money’

MID & East Antrim Borough Council has agreed to pay up to £8,000 to host a tourism regeneration event called ‘Keeping the Cranes Up’.

It is due to be held in Jubilee Hall, Carrickfergus, on April 9 this year.

Minutes of a Council committee show that Cllr Keith Turner (Ulster Unionist, Larne Lough) and Cllr Robin Stewart (Ulster Unionist, Carrick Castle) ‘queried the value for money of the event’.

The minutes show a Council officer ‘explained the standard of clientele that would be attending and speaking at the event’.

The proposal to host the event was made by Alderman Billy Ashe MBE (DUP, Carrick Castle), seconded by Alderman Gerardine Mulvenna (Alliance, Coast Road).

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