Council establishes three support groups to help economic recovery following Covid-19

THREE ‘Task Force’ Recovery groups are now in place by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to assist in the recovery to a new normal as Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease.

Following what a Council spokesperson referred to as the success of the Manufacturing Task Force approach and model, two further Task Force Recovery Groups for Hospitality and Tourism and the Town Centre have been established.

Councillors were told that action plans have been developed over the three areas and are now being rolled out.

In a statement, Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor Peter Johnston, said: “I give my full support to the three groups who are working hard to level up our economy and to help bring businesses to a new normal.

“I am delighted to hear that action plans are being rolled out and that the Council is giving its full support and backing to our local businesses.

“Mid and East Antrim has experience in recovery and we will use that experience in order to support and guide our businesses through the weeks and months ahead.”

The Manufacturing Task Force has been working to signpost and support companies in applying for Innovate UK R&D funding call, supporting and encouraging local companies to diversify their product offerings, webinars and online surveys.

The Hospitality and Tourism Task Force have been working hard to develop practical support for the immediate needs of local businesses, creating a “Safe MEA” to instil customer confidence, creating compelling destinations and development of bespoke marketing and communications plans.

Reopening support is currently being given to local businesses as part of the Town Centre Recovery Group’s main focus.

They are also working on access to PPE, getting businesses operational, managing social distancing in restrictive streets, street cleaning, infrastructure to manage traffic flow and delivering the Safe MEA messaging to the public.


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