Council helps United Nations mark 75 years

THIS Saturday, 24 October, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council will join with local authorities across Northern Ireland to mark the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations.

Taking place on United Nations Day, the milestone commemorates the ratification of the United Nations Charter on 24 October 1945.

On that date, representatives from 50 countries met in San Francisco and committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.

Speaking about the significance of the organisation, Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor Peter Johnston said: “As Mayor of the Mid and East Antrim Borough, I am honoured that we will join with nations from around the world to mark the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations.

“The Charter signed in 1945 remains as relevant now as it did then, especially at this time of disruption in the world as we continue to deal with the unprecedented global health pandemic and the adverse social and economic impacts it has had and that have affected so many.

“The United Nations Association here in the United Kingdom is a movement of global citizens committed to the values of the United Nations, who believe that only by working together can we build a better future for us all. This belief is something which is reflective in our Council values and vision for the Borough.

“As we mark this significant Anniversary, I as Mayor encourage you to support the United Nations and get involved as we come together to discuss our priorities and how we can build a better future for us all.

“On behalf of Mid and East Antrim Borough, I would like to say thank you to the United Nations for their work over these past 75 years. This work continues today to deliver peace, encourage sustainable development, champions human rights, and provided justice and humanitarian assistance to the world.”

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