Council moves quickly after ‘poor’ condition of storm-ravaged Ballymena Town Hall emblem is flagged up

The new Union Flag at Ballymena Town Hall on Wednesday.

OFFICIALS at Mid & East Antrim Borough Council acted quickly after residents passed comment about the ‘poor’ condition of the Union Flag on top of Ballymena Town Hall.

Following Storms Ciara and Dennis the flag had taken on a slightly tattered appearance.

The flag on Tuesday morning.


One resident contacted ‘Ballymena Daily’ and said: “You often see flags on lamp posts being torn to bits during high winds but you don’t expect the official flag on top of the Town Hall to look less than tip-top, it is a big disrespectful to the Flag.”

However, within hours of ‘Ballymena Daily’ asking Mid & East Antrim Borough Council for a response a new flag was erected.

A Mid and East Antrim Borough Council spokesperson said on Wednesday: “The flag at Ballymena Town Hall is replaced periodically, dependent on weather conditions, and when it is deemed safe for replacement.

“Due to the recent storms, wear and tear was imminent and a new flag is now in place.

“The replacement of the Union Flag at Ballymena Town Hall is a two person operation, typically occurs four times per year, and each flag costs on average £70.”

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