Councillor calls for re-examination of safety issues at roundabout on A26

The Drones Road roundabout.

A councillor has called for a re-examination of safety issues at a roundabout on the A26.

Ballymoney councillor Ivor Wallace said: “Following on from the completion of the £55million A26 Frosses Road dualling scheme on 12th June 2017, there has been a large number of accidents and near misses at the Drones Road Roundabout which is at the end of the dualling scheme, and was designed to easy movement of traffic for the 18000 vehicles which daily use the road.

“Thankfully, the dualling scheme eliminated a road traffic blackspot within this locality at the Frosses trees, but in so doing, it appears to have created a new one in relation to this roundabout.

“Over the festive period, a number of accidents unfortunately occurred at this spot and I am continually hearing from constituents in relation to accidents and near misses at this location.

“I have therefore been in contact with DfI engineers asking them to re-examine this roundabout, the approach to and exit from it in relation to travelling from Ballymena to Ballymoney, driver awareness of the roundabout and to establish if there are any practical solutions which can be put in place to safeguard drivers using the road.”

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