Councillor: ‘Cloth nappy scheme – whatever it is’

Alderman William McNeilly.

A councillor chairing a committee of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council was reading through the next order of business in the Ballymena chamber when he remarked: “Cloth nappy scheme – whatever it is.”

Bannside Ulster Unionist, Alderman William McNeilly, made the comment.

The Council’s Director of Operations, Philip Thompson, said it is a scheme which would have an impact on the number of disposable nappies going to landfill by promoting the use of cloth nappies which could be re-washed.

Braid Councillor Beth Adger (DUP) said: “I think this is a great idea. It will not only save the environment.

“The disposable nappies are a curse. They clog up everything and people go into toilets and try to flush them down the toilets whereas they wouldn’t be doing it with a ‘Terry’ nappy because they would be taking them back home to wash them and I think it is a great idea.”

Larne Lough councillor Cllr Danny Donnelly (Alliance) said it was a very good idea and said parents could save money and the Council would also save on landfill costs.

The committee agreed to back the scheme.

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