Councillor says ‘sheep worrying’ in Ahoghill area led to 20 animals being put down and dozens more being injured

Alderman Stewart McDonald

A COUNCILLOR has revealed a farmer has suffered a major sheep worrying incident in the Ahoghill area.

Traditional Unionist councillor Stewart McDonald said: “I was distressed to learn of the sheep worrying which took place in Ahoghill. Some 64 sheep where injured with over 20 having to be put down.

“My heart goes out to the farmer who has invested so much love and care and invested so much money in these animals.

“Anyone with information on the Ahoghill sheep worrying incident should contact the local PSNI on 101 or the Mid and East Antrim senior enforcement officer 028 25 633 120.

“These events are a tragic reminder of the responsibilities of dog owners in the countryside and certainly doesn’t make for a very festive start to the Christmas season.”

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