Councillor threatens to put dog poo through man’s letterbox

Councillor Adger said a dog fouling incident happened in the Lisnevenagh Road area. Picture: Google Maps

AN unorthodox way of dealing with dog fouling has been admitted to by a councillor … telling a pooch-owner that if he didn’t lift poo from outside her house she would put it “through his letterbox”.

Cllr Beth Adger MBE, said the approach seemed to work as the “doggie has not been walked down the road since”.

Councillor Adger speaking at the meeting.


She was speaking at a meeting of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council and said a man was walking near her house with a dog – “I don’t know who he was, he wasn’t local” – “but when it came to our gate the dog done what it had to do”.

The DUP councillor said the man “just walked on” so she waited for him one morning.

She added: “And I said ‘either you lift that or I’ll take it up and put it through your letterbox’. So the doggie hasn’t been walked down that Antrim Road since”.

She also said her husband “spends ages” clearing up rubbish from her garden near the Lisnevenagh Road as it seemed her area corresponded with the time people coming from Ballymena town centre takeaways in cars had ate their food and then throw rubbish out windows.

The Council’s Director of Operations Philip Thompson said the Council tries to identify dog-fouling “hotspots” and added that people should be aware the Council has cameras which can be installed to catch them.

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