Councillor wants to know if a ‘subsidy’ could be brought in to reduce ‘high cost’ of travelling on ferry from Larne to Scotland

A COUNCILLOR has called for efforts to be made to ensure those travelling on the ferry between Larne and Scotland get cheaper fares.

Coast Road councillor Andrew Clarke was speaking at a meeting of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council.

The Council had been given an update on the North Channel Partnership – which is a link-up between representatives from Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Councillor Andrew Clarke


Minutes of a council meeting show that Councillor Clarke said the Council should ‘raise the issue of the high cost of the ferry between Larne and Scotland compared with comparable crossings between England and France’.

The minutes say the councillor said the financial expenditure was ‘a drag on business as well as tourism and hospitality’.

The minutes show the councillor wanted to know if a ‘subsidy’ or other measures to reduce costs for travellers would be possible.

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