Court hears motorist caught doing ‘105mph’ near Ballymena ‘is not some sort sort of boy racer’

The Lisnevenagh Road. General picture from Google Maps.

A MAN on his way home from work in the Ballymena area passed an unmarked police car on the Lisnevenagh Road dual-carriageway and when officers followed they calculated a top speed of 105mph.

Luke Oakes (28), admitted a charge of exceeding a 70mph speed limit and was banned from driving for six weeks and fined £400.

The detection was made at 5.15pm on April 8 this year when the defendant was in a Vauxhall Insignia.

Defence barrister Stephen Law told Ballymena Magistrates Court, sitting in Antrim, that after receiving a phone call the defendant had a “grave concern” to get to his partner.

The lawyer said although the police vehicle’s speedometer was uncalibrated the defendant accepted he was going above 70mph.

Mr Law said the defendant was 28-year-old and “doesn’t come before the court as some sort of boy racer”.

The court heard the defendant’s speed had “crept up”.

A prosecutor said that after being passed by Oakes police then took up a position behind the vehicle and noted their speed reached 105mph before they stopped the defendant.

Mr Law said the defendant received a phone call from his partner and had just purchased the car, upgrading from a Polo, and had not noticed the speed “creeping up”.

Deputy District Judge Philip Mateer said the “risk of serious injury or death” to others by someone, at 5.15pm, “zipping past” them at 105mph was “just too high”.

He added: “Whatever the situation with his partner I just can’t see how speed could creep up and the driver not realise, no matter in the most expensive car, that he was doing 105”.

Following the driving ban, bail was fixed for appeal and the defendant, of Annsfield Avenue in Killyleagh, County Down, was permitted to drive pending appeal.

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