Court hears of ‘genuine misunderstanding between Ballymena law and the law in Poland’

Dans Road, Ballymena. Picture: Google Maps.

A DEFENCE solicitor told a local court his client appeared to have had a “genuine misunderstanding between Ballymena law and the law in Poland”.

The lawyer was speaking as Martin Stulich (26), of High Street in Ballymena, admitted using his girlfriend’s father’s Vauxhall Vectra without insurance at Dans Road in Ballymena. He had taken the vehicle without the authority of the owner.

The defendant was also detected speeding – 46mph in a 30mph zone – on June 15 this year.

The defence lawyer said the defendant did not believe he needed permission to drive and “thought it was the same position as it apparently is in Poland where apparently the insurance attaches to the car and not to the person”.

The solicitor said the defendant knew the owner of the car had insurance for the vehicle.

The lawyer said the defendant was on the way to a shop for groceries.

The defendant was given six penalty points; fined £260 and given a one year conditional discharge.

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