Court in Ballymena hears police received 999 call about man with face covered who was brandishing knife at passers-by

Ballymena Court

POLICE received a 999 call that a man with his face covered was brandishing a knife at members of the public who were travelling past in vehicles at Market Street in Ballycastle.

It was around 5.15pm on March 11 this year and when police arrived they located the defendant – Eoin Toner (23), of Caman Drive in Ballycastle – outside a bar in the town.

A number of knives and other items were recovered from the defendant who initially refused to provide his name.

A prosecutor told Coleraine Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena on November 2, the defendant, who was intoxicated “threw up” in a police cell van and was “aggressive” in his dealings with officers.

The defendant was at court for sentencing on charges – according to the charge sheet – of possessing knives in a public place; going equipped for burglary whilst having a set of ‘professional lock picks’; being disorderly and attempted damage of a window at a business.

The court heard the defendant said he could not recollect his behaviour on the date in question but wished to express regret.

Defence barrister Alan Stewart said the defendant was a “bright young man” who had sat GCSEs and A levels and had gone to Tech but had “some difficulties” in his adult life.

The court heard the defendant had spent time in Holywell Hospital in May and June and now attends the Community Mental Health Team.

The defence lawyer said there were “particular triggers” for the incidents in March.

District Judge Peter King said there was an “unusual background” and the defendant was ordered to do 75 hours of Community Service.

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