Covid-19 controversy: Ballymena DUP councillor at centre of storm says: ‘l would not intentionally set out to cause hurt or offence to anyone and if l did then for that l humbly apologise’

BALLYMENA DUP councillor John Carson, who became the subject of far-reaching media coverage after making controversial comments linked to the coronavirus pandemic, has this afternoon said: “l would not intentionally set out to cause hurt or offence to anyone and if l did then for that l humbly apologise.”

The new statement from John Carson on Thursday afternoon.


The councillor posted the new remarks on his Facebook page on Thursday afternoon after becoming embroiled in controversy after claiming the coronavirus pandemic was a “judgment from God”.

The BBC Radio Ulster Nolan Show said the councillor told them: “Coronavirus is a judgment from God, and that is opinion.”

Comments had earlier been made on John Carson’s Facebook page in which his profile picture has a DUP logo and which also tells people to stay at home because of coronavirus.

Stephen Nolan said on Twitter the councillor told one of his team he wouldn’t be appearing on the show to “have Stephen Nolan or any other reprobate make a fool of me”.

John Carson’s original Facebook post.


In a post on Facebook the councillor had linked coronavirus being a ‘judgment from God’ with same sex marriage and changes to abortion laws.

On Facebook the councillor originally said: “With all the focus being on Coronavirus it has went relatively unnoticed that from today abortion is available on demand up to 24 weeks.

“I said when abortion was legalised that our nation would be judged by God because of its departure from his word and the legalisation of the murder of the unborn child as well as same sex marriage.

“I was laughed at and mocked by some but as l said at the time they laughed at Noah until the rain started.

“You reap what you sow and our nation is now reaping the judgment of God because of an immoral and corrupt government.

“It is time to repent and turn again to the God of our Fathers.”

John Carson has this picture on his Facebook page showing him with his party leader Arlene Foster.


The DUP,  in a statement to the Nolan Show, said John Carson was expressing a personal opinion and not that of the party.

“This is a global pandemic, our focus is on protecting lives in Northern Ireland”.

Alderman Carson has another picture on his Facebook page of himself with his party leader Arlene Foster.


Alderman Carson sits on Mid & East Antrim Borough Council.

A Council spokesperson earlier told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “These views do not reflect the values, culture or ethos of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.”

In a new development, on Thursday afternoon,  Mr Carson said on his Facebook page: “Folks yesterday afternoon l put a post on Facebook which was taken by some and totally misinterpreted.

“Anyone who knows me will know that l would not intentionally set out to cause hurt or offence to anyone and if l did then for that l humbly apologise.

“However, l will never apologise for my Christian faith and will not be silenced by those that are opposed to the truth of GOD’S word.”





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