Defence solicitor asks for driving ban to be limited to allow north Antrim man to return to work on a farm in England

Ballymena Court

A DEFENCE solicitor asked for a young north Antrim motorist not to be banned for the normal six months so he could return to driving tractors at his workplace – a farm in England.

Lawyer Denise Gillan was speaking at Coleraine Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena on Friday, on behalf of Jack McKay (20), of Carragh Road, Bushmills.

The defendant, who had a clear record, admitted using a vehicle without insurance.

A prosecutor said the offence was detected on May 22 this year at Ballaghmore Road Bushmills, where police had a vehicle checkpoint.

Ms Gillan said the insurance was cancelled because the defendant missed a payment and he “naively thought” the company would re-instate the direct debit and he was adamant he had not received a letter.

She said he normally works on a large farm outside Peterborough where he drives tractors.

Ms Gillan said the defendant passed his test on November 15, 2018 – and in May he was not outside a two year period – which meant that with six points for no insurance he possibly could get a six months ban.

She asked the court to “consider in the unusual circumstances that we find ourselves in” to impose a short disqualification and the defendant remain at home until that passes and then go back to Peterborough after “the difficulty about his licence” is resolved.

District Judge Peter King banned the defendant from driving for a month along with a £200 fine.

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