Demolition of ‘deathtrap’ row of houses in Ballymena which looked like ‘something out of the blitz’

WORK to demolish a row of houses which have been an eyesore for several years in a Ballymena housing estate has been welcomed.

For a long time the row of houses at Dunclug Park have been empty, boarded up and a number had no roofs.

Work is underway at the houses.


One local man said: “This row looked like something out of the blitz and with these houses gone – they were a potential deathtrap for local children – hopefully the area can move on to better things.”

Ballymena SDLP councillor Eugene Reid said: “After a sustained period and a lot of working with various stakeholders, excellent to see contractors on site and the start of the demolition of these unsightly and dangerous properties at Dunclug.”

Dunclug Youth Forum said in a statement on social media: “After 10 or more year of meetings and 4 years of the shutting down of Drop in centre that was the end house in the row and one million excuses from the NIHE the demolition of the houses has started. Can’t I thank all involved who helped achieve the removal of this eyesore.”

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  • And not before time too.

    By God’s grace no one was killed or injured. Is the People’s Park finally being sorted.

    It’s time Council or. NIHE did an audit of all buildings in a similar condition and demolished those as well.