Did you ever in your puff? … Crow takes cigarette break in Ballymena!

BRANCHING OUT ... The bird takes time out for a cigarette break.

STONE the crows…this bird-brain really should packet in!

WINGING IT …The bird with a cigarette pack in Ballymena.


Perhaps the creature should leaf out the cigarettes.

BIRD SHOULD BUTT OUT … Bird shows an interest in cigarettes.


A Ballymena resident was stunned to see this bird with a cigarette pack in the Grove Road area of the town.

NO SMOKE WITHOUT FLYER … The bird in Ballymena.


The man said: “I was on my way to work and couldn’t believe it when I spotted the bird with a packet of cigarettes.

BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE … The bird with its cigarette packet.


“Perhaps they were going cheep but hopefully the bird can beak his habit.”

CAW BLIMEY … Bird gets read to tackle a packet of cigarettes in Ballymena.


DRAGGING IT OUT…Bird seizes opportunity with cigarette pack.

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