Displays of Irish Tricolours in Ballymena ‘raising tensions’ says TUV chief

Jim Allister

NORTH Antrim MLA and leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice party, Jim Allister, says displays of Irish tricolour flags in parts of Ballymena are designed to “raise tensions”.

In a statement on Tuesday he said: “This morning I have had numerous reports of Irish tricolours being erected overnight in areas of Ballymena, but most notably around the Ecos Centre roundabout.

“This provocative display is designed to claim territory and raise tensions in the area.

“It will also offend many football supporters, who will be attending Ballymena Showgrounds this Thursday to see Ballymena United play in the Europa League.

“The concerted effort to increasingly claim the north of Ballymena as republican is designed to make remaining unionists uncomfortable in their own town and must be resisted.

“I hear much from Sinn Fein about “equality” and “respect”, but no thought for those deliberately discomforted by this aggression.”

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