Drunk man was abusive at M&S in Ballymena and then urinated in public view

A MAN who was asked to leave the Marks & Spencer store in Ballymena’s Fairhill Shopping Centre because was was drunk and being abusive and aggressive was then spotted urinating on a street in view of the public.

When police spoke to Peter Lyttle (50), of Nursery Court in Ballymena, on May 18 this year he told them to “f off” and threatened to assault them.

He continued to be aggressive whilst being taken to a police station and threatened to headbutt and “kill” police.

The defendant admitted charges of indecent and disorderly behaviour at Broughshane Street and assaulting two police officers.

A defence barrister told Ballymena Magistrates Court Lyttle has a “horrific record linked primarily to alcohol abuse”.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said the record was “atrocious” and deferred sentencing to December and told the defendant not to re-offend and to engage positively with Probation.

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