Fears expressed after ‘skinned’ cat is found dead in Ahoghill

FEARS have been expressed over how a “skinned” cat – the body of which was found in Ahoghill – suffered its horrific injuries.

Bannside TUV councillor Stewart McDonald said on Wednesday evening he feared it may have been “tortured”.

He said: “The body of a tortured cat was found yesterday in Ahoghill. The animal had been skinned and it was discovered in the village.

“No way a wild animal would be capable of skinning another animal, suggesting that someone must be responsible.

“It’s disgusting, sick, that someone could do this to a defenceless animal, the most appalling and barbaric death.

“It’s vital that we discover what happened to this poor animal. I’d urge anyone with information to call the PSNI on 101,” said the councillor.

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