FERRY GOOD: Tourism officials meet with P&O marketing team in bid to boost visitor numbers in Mid & East Antrim

P&O ferries link Larne and Scotland.

TOURISM officials in Mid & East Antrim have met with ferry provider P&O to look at ways of boosting the number of visitors to the district.

A report prepared for councillors shows council officers have met with the P&O marketing team ‘to ensure that Mid & East Antrim’s tourism product portfolio is promoted where possible across P&O’s marketing communications in the key markets of Scotland and north of England’.

The Council supplied the ferry firm with a selection of Mid & East Antrim itineraries looking at things like 48-hour trips and food trips. Videos and images were also supplied.

The Council report said P&O confirmed they will start using those where appropriate in their communications and include links to tourism websites like ‘Shaped by Sea & Stone’.

The report said: ‘Following on from this P&O have developed a short video on the Causeway Coastal route which features Mid & East Antrim’.

More should be done at Cairnryan ferry port to promote tourism in Mid & East Antrim, a councillor says.

Kells councillor Keith Turner said the passenger building at Cairnryan could perhaps have the area being promoted on a screen which he said would be a good way to “market the area”.



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