‘Fields Apart?’ talk on Orange Order and the GAA

A CHURCH Forum has organised a talk next week entitled ‘The Orange Order and the GAA – Fields Apart?’

The event will take place from 7:30pm on Tuesday, March 3 in the Dobbs Room, Carrick Town Hall.

Speakers will be Dr David Hume and Dr Donal McAnallen. Non-political questions and discussion will follow their talks.

Inviting any interested parties to attend, the Forum said: “To whatever measure we identify with either or neither of these organisations, they play a significant role of influence on our communities and country and it’s important that we appreciate this role and any moderating developments that may allow for space, difference and diversity to be possible within a more inclusive community.

“As these two organisations each make their way to their ‘respective fields’, what do we know about the positive contribution the Orange Order and the GAA make to cultural life and sense of identity of so many people?

“Is there more they and we can do to contribute to the ongoing healing and reconciliation and harmonious understanding between our historically divided communities?

“What opportunities and challenges do they provide us with in our efforts to better value and allow space for difference and diversity in what has been called the ‘narrow ground’ of Northern Ireland?

“Please join us in this important journey of understanding of your own cultural identity with respect to the Orange Order and the GAA.”

The event is supported by Mid and East Antrim Council Good Relations.

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