Flight attendant Kerrianne lands in Ballymena with gifts for key workers

Kerrianne Bell with staff at BWQ in Ballymena.

THE sky was the limit when it came to easyJet flight attendant Kerrianne Bell helping to  fundraise and arrange for gifts to be given to key workers during the coronavirus lockdown.

And now Kerrianne has made a delivery to staff at the BWQ supported living complex at Ballymena’s Waveney Road.

Ann Bruce, a senior staff member from BWQ, told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “We would like to thank Kerrianne.

“Kerrianne fundraised to make bags up for the domestics in Antrim Area Hospital and also for us. We are a mental health supported living building. It is hand creams and body lotions.

“Kerrianne handed them over to Sara Wilson, Emily Neeson and Lizzie Johnson.”



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