Frew welcomes proposed £460,000 improvement scheme at ‘dangerous’ Sand Road junction

Paul Frew at the junction of Sand Road and Woodtown Road.

NORTH Antrim MLA Paul Frew has welcomed a proposed £460,000 improvement scheme at the ‘dangerous’ Sand Road junction near Galgorm.

The DUP politician has continually being calling on DFI Roads to complete works to improve safety at the junction of Sand Road and Woodtown Road.

In a statement to ‘Ballymena Daily’ today, Mr Frew said: “This has been an ongoing campaign for me and my constituents who use this junction, sometimes on a daily basis .

“I first contacted DFI Roads some years ago in September 2012 when they told me that due to recent collisions an investigation was under way . They also informed me at that time they had a scheme proposal under development with a number of options being considered .

“Writing back to them a year later in 2013 DFI Roads then stated they hoped to be in a position to compete for funding in the next three years works programme which was being developed at the time.

“By 2014 we then managed to convince DFI Roads to put in place a number of additional measures at the junction. New Junction warning signs and SLOW markings were provided along with new enhanced signage on the Woodtown Road.

“We have made great advancements in the local area with the upgrade work on the Cullybackey Road and Woodtown Road Junction.  I believe the constituents are right when they again ask questions on this junction.

“DFI Roads are now proposing to spend £460,000 on upgrading the junction. The primary aim is to change the junction priority from Woodtown Road to Sand Road to accommodate the predominant traffic movements. This will also improve stopping sight distances throughout the approaches.

“I would like to thank DFI Roads for this upgrade and hope it gets rolled out very soon.”

TUV councillor Timothy Gaston said: “I queried this project on Tuesday night at the Direct Servicies Committee where DFI Roads were in attendance.

“This project was also on the list for completion in the 2018/2019 financial year but unfortunately the funds allocated to minor improvements simply aren’t sufficient.

“After pressing on how realistic is this junction to be completed this financial year I have been told that at the current £460k estimate this junction upgrade will require the entire current budget for Northern division for the next 4 years to be completed.

“I will continue to lobby for more funds to deliver minor improvements for this much needed project alongside the many other road issues which exist across Bannside.”

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