Game of Thrones leads to boost for different type of ‘thrones’

Scenes for Game of Thrones were filmed at Carnlough Harbour.

A DIFFERENT type of ‘throne’ has received a boost on the Antrim Coast Road due to TV-hit series ‘Game of Thrones’.

That’s because the number of tourists visiting Carnlough Harbour where some scenes were shot means extra toilets are being put in as part of a refurbishment of the toilet block in the village.

The steps at Carnlough Harbour where one of the Game of Thrones scenes was filmed.


Carnlough Harbour was the location for a Braavos-based scene from season six of Game of Thrones in which the character Ayra crawls up steps out of the water.

It put Carnlough on the map for Game of Thrones fans.

Carnlough Harbour


Now, councillors on a Mid & East Antrim Borough Council committee have agreed to a recommendation in a council report to refurbish the toilets.

As part of the work extra toilets are being installed.

Work is to be carried out on the toilet block (on right of picture).


The Council report said: ‘Carnlough Carpark is extensively used as a stopping point by coaches and tour buses travelling the Causeway Coastal Route.

‘There is a key information point in relation to the ‘Game of Thrones’ at Carnlough Harbour and coaches regularly stop with tourists to view this point and also provide an opportunity for a toilet stop.

‘There have been indications that on any good morning during the May to September period that there can be up to 19 buses passing through the carpark’.

The report says councillors from the Coast Road area had repeatedly requested that the layout and design of the car park be considered to see how arrangements can be put in place which enable coaches to move as freely as possible.

The report adds: ‘The current Carnlough toilets were refurbished as part of a rural funding scheme in 2005 to 2009. The refurbishment is now over ten years old and due to the significant usage are becoming tired.

‘Given the number of coaches which stop at this location for a toilet break it is important that the facilities provided meet the demands of the tourists and visitors’.

The report says a budget of £50,000 has been set aside to refurbish the toilets.

A Council spokesperson told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “It was agreed to proceed with the refurbishment works”.

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