G’day Green Dog Walkers, welcome to Oz!

Vicki Carson on the beach in Townsville, Australia, proudly using her Green Dog Walker leads.

MID and East Antrim’s Green Dog Walker message has travelled half way round the world to the land down under.

Vicki Carson, who is originally from Ballymena but now lives in Australia, was visiting her home in Mid and East Antrim during the summer.

Having spent time with friends and family the chat came round about the Green Dog Walkers scheme set up by the Council.

Vicki was so impressed with Green Dog Walkers that she is now seeking the co-operation of her local authority in Townsville, Australia, to implement an initiative similar to Mid and East Antrim.

She even brought some Green Dog Walker leads back to Oz with her and is sharing the message to ‘leave only pawprints’ far beyond these shores.

Green Dog Walkers was set up in January 2018 by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council and its main aim is to change attitudes about dog fouling.

It is a priority for the Council to protect against health risks associated with dog foul but equally in having a clean, safe and attractive borough.

Dog fouling has reduced since the scheme launched so it is working.

The Council would encourage people to sign up to the scheme and take the pledge and do your bit to keep our borough beautiful.

To find out more information on Green Dog Walkers visit www.midandeastantrim.gov.uk/greendogwalkers

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