‘Ghost town’ feel to some Ballymena streets at lunch time today

VIRTUALLY DESERTED... Greenvale Street in Ballymena at lunch time today.

SOME streets in Ballymena were virtually deserted on Thursday as the government’s appeal for people to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic seemed to be taking hold.

Greenvale Street is normally one of Ballymena’s busiest streets but this was the scene on Thursday lunch time.


As part of the coronavirus lockdown people are permitted to leave their homes to shop for basic necessities, for exercise, for medical reasons and for travelling to work if they can’t work from home.

There was no activity at a number of businesses.


Many workplaces and facilities are closed because of the emergency.

The shutters were down on pubs.


The government advice.


McDonald’s remains shut.


Even the Memorial Park in Ballymena was locked up with a ‘coronavirus’ notice placed on the gate.


Messages highlighting help available were distributed as bins were emptied.

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