Glens shop ‘buzzing’ after lucky customer’s £70,000 scratch card win

A shop in a Glens of Antrim village is toasting a £70,000 scratchcard winner.

Brian Kearney, owner of the Costcutter shop in Waterfoot, said a lucky customer bought a £2 scratchcard and was quids in.

Speaking on Tuesday to ‘Ballymena Daily’, Mr Kearney said: “We are delighted. It caused a great stir around the shop, caused a great buzz. It is great somebody local is winning”.

He said a previous big winner at the shop was a £110,000 lottery success.

Meanwhile, the lucky scratchcard buyer, whose identity has not been revealed, had gone to Brian’s shop on Saturday morning.

The punter excitedly re-entered the shop and asked staff to scan the scratchcard and the success was confirmed.

It is is understood the man, believed to be from Waterfoot, was meeting with lottery officials on Tuesday.

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