GRIFF-HE’S HOME! Escaped eagle has landed in Randalstown

The World of Owls released this picture of 'Griff' on Saturday.

THE eagle has landed!

‘Griff’ the Golden Eagle who escaped from an enclosure at the World of Owls in Randalstown has been found.

World of Owls said on social media on Saturday afternoon: “The eagle has landed. Griff is home. After scouring hundreds of miles he was in a tree half a mile from us.



“We are delighted. It means the world to us”.

Searches had been taking place for several days and suspected sightings came in from miles away.

The story had been covered widely in the media.

The eagle, with a wingspan of 6ft, was found by walkers in the nearby forest, starving and unable to fly.

Charlie Gibb from World of Owls told Belfast Live: “We are all absolutely over the moon that Griff was found and is back with us again.

“He is very very tired and did not eat a thing for the week he was missing so he is starving.

“When we went to get him he recognised me and my mum. Every day that he was gone we were worrying even more and we are just so relieved that he is home.”

Rosemary Henry and her husband Paul were walking through the forest when they spotted the missing bird.

She told Belfast Live: “Me and my husband went walking this morning and we seen a couple with their dog, who had sniffed out the eagle and took the owners to where he was standing.

“We had seen the search on the news earlier this week and when we seen it we straight away knew it was the missing bird from World of Owls.

“Paul got closer to the bird and managed to get a video of him just walking about the grounds of the forest.

“The poor thing was starving and weak. It’s wings were flapping in the air trying to fly but it just couldn’t get up. It was so confused.

“We phoned Mike at World of Owls to tell him and he was delighted. I would say Griff will be getting a lot of TLC now.”


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