Has the final whistle sounded on the football pitch at former Michelin factory in Ballymena?

The former Michelin factory in Ballymena.

THE final whistle looks as if it has been sounded on any chance of retaining the football pitch at the former Michelin factory in Ballymena.

Traditional Unionist Voice councillor Matthew Armstrong tabled a question regarding the sporting arena on the Woodside Road.

He had written to the Council: ‘To ask Council for an updated position on the football pitch and associated club rooms on the former Michelin site, taking into account the response of a previously tabled question in late 2019 and the further dereliction of the site which had previously been maintained by a contractor in the employ of council.’

The football pitch at Michelin.


In response, the Council said: “As part of the departure of Michelin from Ballymena, they have gifted lands to the Council which include the football pitch and associated clubrooms.

‘These lands were transferred for the sole purpose of economic growth, development and job creation.

‘If this is not completed within 5 years this will be returned. The Chief Executive is currently in the process of engaging with potential investors regarding these lands’.



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